You'll love enjoying your favorite images everyday when you walk past them in your home. There is no better way to celebrate your pet than a beautiful portrait hung proudly in your home. Available in a variety of size, choosing Wall Art for your home will brighten and customize your living room wall. Most popular is a gallery, showcasing 2+ portraits in a custom design or grid, telling the story of your family and your pet. All Wall Art is available in three different finishes, as well as the option to add custom framing. My clients love being able to order their wall pieces and be able to put them directly on the wall with no fuss. 


 A true heirloom, an album will remind you of your special time with you pet for the rest of your life. I have some clients who create a collection with multiple albums at each stage in their pet's life- puppy to senior. A more traditional option, albums are perfect for those who don't have a lot of wall space, or simply can't narrow down your choice to a few favorites. Each album is custom designed to work with your choice of images, and will include 15-30 images depending on what size album you chose. Further customize your album with your choice of cover and finishing options. With pet photography, you can always have fun and go with a pop of color!


Truly a stunning piece of art, the Heirloom Folio is perfect balance between wall art and an album. This gorgeous 8x10 linen box comes with your choice of 10 or 20 matted images. These prints are loose and can be displayed on an easel (included with your Folio), kept in the box to enjoy from time to time, or removed to display in frames in your home. The fantastic option with this product is once you are ready to replace those framed images you can chose from other images from your folio to replace in the frames. A client favorite!