There is nothing more adorable than seeing a happy dog surrounded by nature and the people they love. Well, except for four happy dogs! You may recognize Jessica of Bonehemian Wags- this is her furfamily and partner Zach. 

When Jessica called me told me she wanted to book a session as a gift for Zach, I was immediately so excited to meet her dogs! You know dogs are her passion when she spends all day walking packs of dogs, and then goes home to a house full of sweet furbabies.

Session tip: Jessica coordianted the dogs leashes and collars to give a cohesive look to the dogs as a whole. Loved it!

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Weimeraner Dog Photography in Santa Rosa Park

Plain and simple these two sweet Weimeraners were a joy to photograph. We met early in the morning to catch the warm morning light at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa, CA.

The owners scheduled this session to capture both their girls while they are in good health and able to bound around and show their true personalities. As their older girl Grady ages, they wanted to be able to remember their sweet pups together having fun. That's what it's all about!

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Giovanni The Pomeranian- Professional Dog Photography in Santa Rosa, CA

This was one of those bittersweet sessions. Giovanni's mom called me up and let me know that she wanted to schedule a session for her 5 year old Pomeranian, who was just diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, and had just a little longer with us. 

The day of the session, I was greeted by a spunky little Giovanni, who's sprits seemed high, and health stable. He played, ran, chased a ball, got dressed up for Halloween, and peed on just about every blade of grass in the nearby park.  It was heartwarming and heartbreaking to see this sweet little pup having so much fun, but knowing that he wouldn't be with us much longer. 

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