Ma Snax Dog Treats- Locally Made Doggie Goodness

MaSnax Superior Treats in Santa Rosa Ca

When I begin photographing pets, which ends up being mostly dogs, I began the hunt to find a product I could bring along with me to my shoots. I was looking for a treat I could give to dogs with confidence, and something I could list off what was in it in one breath. I was super thrilled to stumble across Ma Snax Dog Treats, a family run company here in Sonoma County. They specialize in yummy dog cookies baked with love. They have super creative flavors, and even seasonally themed cookies. Bonus: They sell cookie and cake mixes that you can make yourself at home!

I met up with them to meet and photograph their beautiful, sweet mascot, Penny. I think it must be dog paradise to live with amazing chefs baking fresh yummies everyday, and getting to be a flavor taster! The owners Mary Ellen and Ray are both professional chefs, and started their business when they adopted Penny, and wanted to give her safe foods with all natural ingredients. 

I am so happy to bring along a delicious, locally sourced cookie for all of my four-legged models. Check out Ma Snax for a healthier alternative to chicken jerky from around the world. They can also be found in retailers around Sonoma County and California.


White pit bull eating cookie
White pit bull looking at camera
Pit bull sitting, looking up
pit bull looking right at camera
Pit bull being pet by owner
Pit bull looking at owners
pit bull sitting on ground
pit bull walking with owners